Group Partnerships

Group Partnership Plans



 A Partnership Plan is a package of services that I offer to organizations.  Coaching through these plans is available for less than 75% of my normal fees.  There is great flexibility in customizing each package for each group.  The following benefits are always included:

  • Individual and group coaching for parents in a school community or in an organization  

  • Individual and group coaching for employees, including workplace harmony coaching, diplomacy coaching, life purpose coaching, interpersonal coaching, divorce/breakup  coaching, burnout coaching and management coaching

  • Workshops by teleconference  (Fee per participant: $35)

  • Complimentary initial sessions

  • (For school partners) Complimentary teaching modules for students on social skills, self-confidence and motivation

  • No charge for time spent designing new workshops to address group concerns


Who benefits from a Partnership Plan?  These plans provide affordable coaching for entire organizations, including schools, agencies, corporations and churches. 

These service packages are not limited to coaching for parents.  They can combine other types of coaching for employees or management.  Examples are listed above. 

School partnerships provide affordable coaching not only for parents, but also administrators, staff and educators.  Students may also be coached on their goals for achievement.

Logistics of coaching.   Personal sessions may be held by telephone, Skype or in person (fees vary).  Group sessions may be held by teleconference or in person. Sessions may be scheduled on any day or evening, including weekends.

Your organization's role. There is no cost to become a group partner.   Your organization's role is simply to inform the members about about my services.  I can provide text for websites and newsletters, as well as handout literature. 

The next step.  Please contact me to discuss the coaching needs of your organization. I will be glad to visit your school, church or office to design a partnership package for your group.