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Welcome to Coachable Parent! Here you will find courses tailored to the specific needs of parents seeking to build stronger relationships with their teens. If you fear that your teen is turning away from you, engaged in risky behavior, depressed, pressured, heading into a crisis, struggling with your divorce, or stuck in perfectionism or procrastination -- please consider the courses below.

From Fear to Connection

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From Fear to Connection is for parents of kids who seem generally unhappy. If this a concern for you, it’s time to foster greater trust and open communication. It’s time to convey unconditional love and a sincere desire to understand. It’s time to shift into a parenting style that encourages your child to confide in you. It’s time to create a home where he or she feels accepted and secure. It’s time to re-balance your life and find more inspiration and joy to share with your child. And, importantly, it’s time to surround yourself with support. If you are feeling fear, guilt or general anxiety – or if you simply don’t know what to do – I can help you move past those blocks and confidently reach out to your child.

The course is an empowering blend of information and coaching. Sessions are designed to give you support, help you find new insight, understand your child more deeply, and communicate more honestly.

From Pressure to Nurture

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From Pressure to Nurture is for parents who want to ease the pressure on their kids. Many teens seem so intent on being “the best” that they approach life nervously. They seem to find little joy in learning (unless they excel) or playing (unless they win). Some are haunted by a need to be perfect. They have trouble finishing work or making decisions. Small setbacks seem catastrophic, and “failure” is unthinkable. If they have been taking their cues from you, you can give them new ones! You can loosen the grip of crippling standards.

This course can help you become more relaxed and reassuring. In coaching, we will explore ways to encourage self-expression, self-direction, confidence, authentic achievement and enthusiasm for life. While you will provide appropriate guidance, you will also learn when to step back and encourage maturity. Coursework involves closely scrutinizing the messages that your teen receives at home, at school, in the community and in the wider culture. You will observe your child’s moods and behavior as you revise your own. You will craft new, healthier messages that will help your teen find his or her own inspiration, natural gifts and resourcefulness. In addition to contemplation, observation and planning, we will chart your teen’s progress over the course of three months.

This course is inspired by the work of Julie Lythcott-Haims, who warns that “overparenting” can suppress a child’s natural motivation and coping ability – and place an enormous burden on well-meaning parents! See How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success (2015).

From Burnout to Peace

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From Burnout to Peace is a course for parents of kids with special needs. For some of you, parenting requires so much patience and energy that you feel exhausted much of the time. This course provides intensive support that reaches beyond the sympathy of family and friends. It empowers parents to be strong, optimistic leaders who empower their kids.

The curriculum is tailored for parents with children of all ages. You will choose your own course content from learning modules that address different issues.  You select the ones that fit your own needs.  For example, you may choose a purely supportive course of coaching that focuses on caring for yourself emotionally and physically. You might also explore other issues common to many parents:  How to be  fully present with your child when he or she needs attention. How to set appropriate boundaries for your child's ability level. How to deal with fatigue, impatience and guilt. How to encourage independence.  How to help your child see him- or herself as perfect and whole.  How to find peace when your day is hectic and stressful.  As there are so many kinds of special needs, I will be glad to create new modules for your unique situation.

From Turbulence to Trust

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From Turbulence to Trust is for you if you sense a rift developing between you and your teen.  Has your child become hostile and uncommunicative?  Are conflicts becoming more intense? When you talk to your daughter or son, do you feel a gnawing anxiety?

More importantly, can you imagine a warmer, harmonious, trusting relationship?  How hard would you work to build that reality?

I can teach you a powerful skill set for engaging and guiding your teen. Then I can coach you toward honest communication and mutual trust.  We can start immediately!

First, you will make a few basic mental shifts as we examine your situation.  These shifts alone will change your perspective on yourself, your teen and your parenting role.  Next we will focus on reducing tension in your household.  As you feel ready, you can choose learning modules that we will tailor for you.   I have prepared modules on numerous topics. For example, you may choose to work on enhanced communication, house rules, firm boundaries, authentic achievement, entitlement attitudes, understanding your child's brain development, your personal/parental life balance,  and any specific concerns about your teen.  If your needs fall outside of the standard curriculum, I will be happy to design custom modules just for you.

Whichever modules you choose, you will constantly deepen your understanding of the unique person who is your child.  You will gain insight into his or her self-image, peers, school experience, anxieties, hopes and dreams. From that new understanding, you will know more instinctively what he or she needs from you. Together, we will create a definite plan to meet those needs.  You will work toward landmarks -- and celebrate your achievements -- as you become the wise parent you long to be.

From Crisis to Alliance

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From Crisis to Alliance  is designed to help parents of teens in turmoil or crisis. It is intensive for rapid progress -- a unique curriculum that follows a firm plan of goals and objectives. It requires a commitment to diligent work.

The core of this course is my Coachable Parent method for crisis response. As you learn the principles and skills of this method, you will have a mental guide for approaching your teen during any tumultuous period. From this core method, I will coach you as you apply your new skills and assess the results. You will choose the focus of coaching as we go. While the course structure is designed to keep you moving forward each day, the course content is always flexible.

We will treat this crisis as a valuable opportunity, moving quickly to lay a foundation of honesty and mutual compassion. Crises are valuable when they reveal the truth, when they dispel illusion or denial. When you learn the real conditions of your teen’s life, there are fewer secrets. There is less uncertainty. It is a perfect time to begin a new conversation. As you do so, I will provide kind, firm and challenging support.


From Alone to Alive

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From Alone to Alive  is a unique program for newly single parents of teens. If you are reeling from a painful breakup, this course will renew your faith in your best self, with all of its untapped potential. It will help you remember and support the person you really are. If your breakup is creating turmoil for your teenager, it will help you provide for his or her emotional needs while moving your life in a positive direction.

The course is arranged according to three goals: Reorganizing your life. Healing your pain. Expanding your vision and following it.   We will tackle these goals in three stages. In each stage, you will follow principles for (1) keeping you mindful of your child’s needs, (2) balancing your parental and personal goals, and (3) leading you further and further away from pain and ever closer to confidence. You will not be alone on that path! I will coach you through every step as you focus constantly on your ideals. We will make each day count as you move from state of loss to a state of exhilaration – and keep on expanding the scope of your life.

You will learn how to avoid destructive pitfalls: hating your ex-partner, blaming yourself, sinking into loneliness, feeling inadequate and discarded, acting in desperation, succumbing to depression, procrastinating, emotionally neglecting your kids – in other words, shrinking yourself and your world. I will coach you to recognize your potential and move more freely toward it.

How will that help your teen feel more secure? By bouncing back, by becoming more inspired and engaged in life, you will model resilience and strength. You will show your child how to grow from adversity. You will know how to help your teen cope with feelings of rejection and loss. By honoring yourself, you will teach your son or daughter to do the same.


The Application Process: A Complimentary Super-Session

As my courses are very intensive, involving many hours of one-on-one time with each client, space is limited. For that reason, I choose clients very carefully to maximize the impact of my work.  Good coaching is a precious resource, and it is most helpful when a client is most inspired. 

To provide me with information for the selection process, I like to have a long telephone conversation with each client candidate.  If you email me, we can schedule a time for that conversation.  I will coach you on a parenting issue of your choice, and we will go deeply into that issue for a couple of hours -- long enough for you to gain important insight into your relationship with your teen.  You could think of this time as a "super-session," where much can be accomplished!  It will allow both of us to see how well we work together.

If you'd like to schedule a conversation, simply click below to send me a quick email. Or you can email me directly by clicking "CONTACT" on the navigation menu above.  I'll reply with some scheduling options.



Course tuition depends on four factors: 

(1)  Your goals for improvement

(2)  Your willingness to shift perspective

(3)  Your dedication to success

(4)  Your choice of course modules

The fee for unstructured coaching sessions will depend on the first three factors.


A Warm Welcome

Whether or not you seek coaching, please accept my gift e-book below.  I also invite you to the Coachable Parent community on my blog.  You can reach it easily by clicking  "BLOG" on the navigation menu above.  Do share your thoughts and experiences, and make yourself at home.  As you give and receive support, you'll find that you aren't alone.  Welcome!


It’s hard to summarize the benefits of life coaching in two to three sentences. In a busy fast paced world, it’s nice to have someone in your corner who wants to see you complete your goals. It’s never about making your aspirations seem unrealistic or just dreams, but always about planning to achieve your goals quickly and deliberately. Being coached ensures your life will be fulfilling.

I can't put into words all the ways Kathy has helped me.  She’s almost been like a parent/best friend/ advisor. Someone who I can rely on. Someone I can trust.  Kathy is always there when you need her. Ready and willing to push you forward and help you overcome all road blocks. She helped me build courage and she taught me how to plan.

LaShawna S.

Sandusky, OH

My ongoing coaching with Kathy involves defining what it is to live more authentically and, therefore, in true connection to others. Through Kathy's subtle but powerful methods of coaching, I was finally able to get in touch with my core values, fears, and broke through years of my own self-deception.   Moreover, working with Kathy, I learned how to be accountable for advancing my own self-defined purpose.  I learned that I have to value myself enough to honor that.  Kathy's impeccable logic was the first thing that impressed me about her, but I also learned about her incredible generosity and empathy.  Kathy actually delivers something priceless.  She helps you find the real you.  And optimize the real you. 


Tahseen A.

Lakewood OH

Kathleen is a kind, supportive and compassionate coach. She has her clients' growth in mind, as she gently guides you towards your greatest potential. She is a wise teacher who helped me to perceive my situation from a much more positive standpoint. Kathleen Wood Park is a highly recommended coach.

Marcie L.

Miami, FL